Sunday, September 22, 2013

Francis Escapes is the seventh episode of season 1.


Malcolm's older brother, Francis, escapes from Military school and comes back home to see his girlfriend.


Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are quietly sleeping, when Lois rips open the curtains and tells them breakfast will be off the table in five minutes.

Francis decides to go AWOL from military school to come back home with his ditzy girlfriend and fantisises about them running away to Canada. It is revealed that she is a thief that pays no attention to Francis whatsoever by Malcolm who was giving her a letter from Francis.

When the family is eating dinner, the phone rings and Lois picks it up, exclaiming that Francis has run away. Malcolm assures them he is okay, making Lois question what he knows, and while under pressure he accidentally squeals. He tries to distract her by saying he met Bibi at a park near the soccer field. Mean while, Bibi meets up with Francis and says that they should break up becaue it isn't working for her. Malcolm runs off to warn Francis that their mother has sought out to get him, and Dewey eavesdrops on their conversation. Malcolm lies and says he was talking to the monster that was under his bed.

Lois is at the park and disturbs several couples upon trying to find Francis with his girlfriend, she stops and lectures a couple about breaking hearts and love. Reese and Dewey are at home on the couch, and Dewey is over exaggerating about the "monster" he heard in their backyard, and Reese disagrees with him. Malcolm is sitting at the dinner table snacking on crackers, then exits to go to the bedroom. He sees Francis standing in the doorway, cleaning off and explaining that Bibi broke up with him.

Francis says goodbye to Malcolm, packs his bag and hops out of the window. He is walking down the street, when a car pulls up behind him to offer him a ride. It turns out to be Hal, who found him only because of Malcolm ratting him out once again.

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